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African Maasai Shuka Ethnic Throw Blanket Beach BBQ Picnic Blanket Garden Tablecloth Home Decor Urban Wear Wrap 60x80 inch / 150 x 200 cm

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Even if you've never heard of shuka cloth, there's a high chance you've seen it in pictures. Often red with black stripes, shuka cloth is affectionately known as the "African blanket" and is worn by the Maasai people of East Africa. The Maasai are a semi-nomadic people from East Africa who are known for their unique way of life, as well as their cultural traditions and customs. Living across the arid lands along the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania and Kenya, the Maasai are known to be formidable, strong warriors who hunt for food in the wild savannah and live closely with wild animals. The Maasai identity is often defined by colourful beaded necklaces, an iron rod (as a weapon) and of course, red shuka cloth. While red is the most common colour, the Maasai also use blue, striped, and checkered cloth to wrap around their bodies. It's known to be durable, strong, and thick - protecting the Maasai from the harsh weather and terrain of the savannah. Recent years have seen shuka cloth popping up in the fashion world and gaining fame all over the globe. Kenyan clothing labels have taken inspiration from the patterns of the shuka cloth to produce clothes and accessories in vibrant tribal prints. By turning a traditional garment into fashionable urban wear, they hope to meet the increased demand for more local products that highlight their heritage. Even Louis Vuitton featured red and blue Maasai checks in their Spring/Summer collection 2012. Shuka cloth's past may still be a mystery, but it looks set to conquer the future. Use as a Blanket, Throw. Or as a Beach, BBQ, Picnic or Garden blanket. Enjoy as a Tablecloth. Or use as the Maasai do - as hard-wearing fashionable Urban Wear Made in hard-wearing acrylic From the Maasai Warrior people of Kenya and Tanzania 60x80 inch / 150 x 200 cm