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White Baobab

Set of 5 Binga Woven African Baskets / African basket / Zimbabwe Wall

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This set if bingo baskets will perfectly create an original combo mixed styles, colors and patterns.

These items are all unique. They will bring a modern boho twist to your interior.
The natural colors and material combined with the modern geometric patterns will also turn your interior into a trendy space.
Be creative and make your own gallery wall by combining different items.

- 30 cm
- 31 cm
- 32 cm
- 38 cm
- 38 cm


Please note that even if we aim to display the product with the best quality picture, color may vary depending on the camera and the laptop / phone you are seeing the picture on.

These baskets are made of a mix of:

We recommend that you either:
➳ Attach the baskets to a wall by using a piece of string that you will attach in between the weave, making a loop
➳ Display the baskets on a support, leaning against a wall.

The Tonga and Binga tribes originates from the border of three southern African countries (Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia). Weaving is a craft that was passed on by the women who are part of these Bantu ethnic group.
Crafting is part of the everyday life and was passed on from generation to generation to create beautiful objects including Binga baskets.
In this part of the globe, these baskets are initially used to carry food. It was only later that aesthetics gave new life to the creations of these Bantu women

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