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African Mask Traditional Maassai Devil Mask 9 in / 23 cm, Long Mask 10 in / 25 cm or Quad Long Mask 24 in / 60 cm with Story-card

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A traditional African Maasai Mask hand crafted in wood. Skillfully made by the craftspeople of the Maasai tribe in Kenya. The powerful and legendary Maasai people of Africa are one of the most famous groups in African culture. While they are more commonly associated with Kenya, they are also located in Tanzania. They are known for their highly-skilled warriors and their cattle-herding abilities and famous for their Warrior reputation. Masks like the one shown below were historically used in traditional tribal ceremonies to scare opponents of the Maasai people. in Maasai culture the masks were worn in traditional ceremonies including celebrations, initiations, crop harvests, and war preparations. The masks often represented the spirits of mythological beings, animals, or spirits. This mask shows the characteristic stretching of the earlobes which is common among the Maasai. Each mask is unique and may vary slightly in design to that pictured. When selecting: the 23 cm has the wooden extension at the top of the mask for wall hanging