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Three Wise Monkeys Stone Sculptures - See No Evil - Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - Light or Dark Stone 15cm 6 inch with Story-card

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A hand crafted set of three wise monkeys, individually made with each having their own character. The three wise monkeys ( In Japanese, san-zaru, or san-biki no saru, "three monkeys") embody the proverb to "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil". The three monkeys are Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; Mikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; and Mazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. This is a popular family of three monkeys that are great fun to own - definitely a talking point! As each set is unique, each monkey will have its own expression & character. Friendly Horizons Ltd is proud to be recognised as a Fair Trade Importer & Retailer by BAFTS