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African Elephant Stone Sculpture by Zimbabwe artists 28cm 3kg with Storycard

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An African stone sculpture created by hand by the Shona people of Zimbabwe. The Shona have been hand sculpting stone into works of art for almost a thousand years. The craft is ancient but the style has continually evolved and the sculptures created today are both beautiful and elegant. The contemporary yet eternal shape of these sculptures bring splendor to the home and compliment any decor. The sculptures portray themes representing the values in the Shona culture of family, love, life and nature. The stone used is serpentine and can be found in Zimbabwe with colors ranging from black and green to yellows, orange, grey, red, and even purple. Each piece is unique, both in the expression made by the sculptor's hands and in the natural patterns in the rock formed millions of years ago. These beautiful pieces of Shona art can be enjoyed in the home, garden, or office. These beautiful stone sculptures make wonderful gifts for any occasion & will last a lifetime. We are proud to be recognised as a Fair Trade Importer & Supplier by BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers) A beautiful Elephant sculpted in Serpentine by the Shona people of Zimbabwe 28 x 24 cm & weighs a substantial 3kg These Fair-Trade sculptures are genuine pieces of art A Fair Trade item - includes Storycard - tusks made from horn Each sculpture is unique & created from a single piece of stone by a Shona artist