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Fair Trade African 5 Note Thumb Piano Kalimba Mbira Finger Piano - Hand crafted - Gourd Case - Tell Stories with Music

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A smaller variation on the traditional African kalimba or "finger piano" features a hollow box body made from renewable wood with rustic burn designs. Strips of recycled metal are used for keys. The thumb piano is an African musical instrument, a type of plucked idiophone common throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Thumb pianos traditionally consist of a wooden board to which metal tines of varying lengths are affixed. The longest tines are typically in the center, with shorter (and thus higher-pitched) tines arranged in ascending order towards both sides of the instrument. The thumb piano is most commonly held in both hands, with both thumbs being used to pluck tines either simultaneously or in turn. It may be used as a lead instrument or for accompanying other instruments or vocals. Great fun for children, use as an accompaniment whilst telling stories, learn basic notes, take on holiday, to festivals the uses are endless